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Baby Naming Ceremony,
Baby Naming Ceremony,
Baby Naming Ceremony,
Baby Naming Ceremony,

To Welcome A Child...

There is Christian baptism, Jewish brit milah, Hindu jatakarma and namakarana, but also... secular naming ceremonies.  

Parents love to celebrate a new arrival. It is an amazing opportunity to :

* Introduce the child to the larger circle of relatives and friends.

* Declare your intentions as parents, for example by making promises to the child.

* Name godparents - or rather "guideparents"  in the context of a secular ceremony.

* Invite the audience to participate in a symbolic gesture, like planting a tree or writing a few words in a wish book.

There have always been rituals to welcome a child amongst the living. It is a particularly important "rite of passage" when couples first become parents. But it is also essential to acknowledge that each child is unique. 

Such a ceremony does not necessarily have to be organised while the child is still a baby.


Also, in the context of an adoptionit can be a very meaningful event. I would argue that even after a mother gives birth to a baby, both parents still need to "adopt" it. 

* Would you like to know more?


Please feel free to contact me (see my details below). I am happy to answer any question. 


I usually propose a meeting in person or on Skype, in order to try and determine which kind of ceremony might be most suitable, how to organise it and how much it would cost. 

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